Rescue Hexacopter Project


Design - Electronics Plate

The Electronics plate will hold all of the electronics necessary to operate the craft. It needs to be located in the center of the craft in order for the flight controller's gyroscope to work correctly. We designed a 6 in. hexagonal plate with slots for wire access and to zip-tie components. We will also need holes to mount the plate to the bottom plate and to mount the GPS plate.

Electronics Plate

Electronics Plate

The electronics will function best when it has zero vibrations from the motors. To minimize any vibrations, we will mount Electronics plate using rubber vibration dampners. Six 3 in. aluminum standoffs will be mounted to the top of the bottom plate and on top of these will be placed a rubber mount sandwiched between two 4 mm washers. Wing-tip screws will be used to secure the Electronics Plate with the standoffs.

Vibration Mount

Vibration Mount Assembly

The installed Electronics Plate looks like this:

Installed Electronics Plate

In the center of the Electronics Plate, we will place four 1 in aluminum standoffs and four 4 x 10 mm screws to support a plate where the NAZA GPS can be mounted. The plate will be secured with another four 4 x 10 mm screws.

Installed GPS plate


Electronic Plate Component Drawings
Part/Assembly PDF STEP
1 in Support 1 in Support.pdf 1 in Support.stp
3 in Support 3 in Support.pdf 3 in Support.stp
4 x 50 mm Screw 4 x 50 mm Screw.pdf 4 x 50 mm Screw.stp
4 mm Washer 4 mm Washer.pdf 4 mm Washer.stp
6 in Hex Plate 6 in Hex Plate.pdf 6 in Hex Plate.stp
Arm Screw Arm Screw.pdf Arm Screw.stp
GPS Plate GPS Plate.pdf GPS Plate.stp
Wing Nut - 4 mm Wing Nut - 4 mm.pdf Wing Nut - 4 mm.stp